Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitchen Reno: Out with the Old (Part 2)

The electrician came on Monday and disconnected the oven. On Monday night, R got busy with the screwdriver and pretty soon, it was ready to take apart.

I bought a new chisel on Saturday morning, and the tiles came off the wall really quickly - well, except for the few stuck to the duct in the corner. I thought R should be allowed a turn with the new chisel too, so I left him some..

Underneath the bench-top, the whole kitchen was only four parts; the pantry and these three. 

Empty space! Ready for the final preparations.

That was last night. The electrician was back today and connected up all the wiring in the right places.  it needs to be fitted off, so for now there's just cables hanging all over the place.

Tomorrow's job is the final preparations, but there's not much to do. :)


  1. Looking good. Nice to see you made the smart decision to put lights in the bulkhead. Will look a lot brighter when its all finished ;]

    - Jeremy

    ps - apparently by reading this you are seing proof I am not a robot ;]

    1. Yeah, I told you we decided on the lights ages ago, before you suggested it.