Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bathroom Reno: Out with the Old

We removed the old bathroom on Friday night. We got to work at about 8pm, and were all done by just after 11:30.

Taking off the shower screen.

Ripping the wall down.

My handiwork. This is what happens when you want to remove a vanity unit that has been tiled in - that is, the vanity went in first, then the tiles glued it in place. Very difficult to remove!! Good thing I'm handy with a hammer and chisel. Reno tip #1 - tiles first, vanity second.

Just a small pile of rubbish.. We walked up & down the stairs so many times on Friday night getting rid of all of this.

The trusty hammer. It's a bit worse for wear, but it's doing the job!

Reno tip #2: Befriend a guy with a jackhammer. (He came around on Saturday morning.) The black plastic was under the tiles, as 'waterproofing'.

Empty! (The white patch on the floor is waterproofing. Yes, there should be more than just 100mm past the edge of the shower hob. A lot more. Black plastic doesn't really work.)

All empty, from the other angle.

By 9:15 on Saturday morning, the bathroom was all empty, ready for the plumber to start his work.

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