Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kitchen Reno: Before Photo's

It's time to renovate the kitchen! Woohoo!!

Here are some photos taken before we touched it:

That pantry. Right in the middle of the room. It will go!

When I moved in early in 2008, we put in a new oven and cook-top. We remembered to make sure the cabinet was wide enough for the new oven, but forgot to measure the height, and so we've had an ugly, dusty gap above it ever since.

Oh yes. Cream with the wood trim. This style was popular in the mid-to-late 80's and became the preferred cheap alternative for the townhouse-builder of the mid-90's.

The calendar wall, AKA a huge waste of space in out small house. (And please ignore the carton of rubbish beer, it was a Christmas present from R's work which has since been passed on to someone who doesn't mind drinking it.)

What's that exciting thing on the TV? Oh, never mind.

The room, from near the front door.

And next comes the fun (and dirty) part. :)

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