Friday, March 23, 2012

Bathroom Reno: Almost done

Yes, I know, I've been slack with posting bathroom progress pictures. To be honest, not much has changed, and towards the end there we lost momentum and trailed off.

After my small stress about the tiles, we took the plastic sheets off and cleaned up the room. While I'm not in love with the floor tiles like I was expecting to be, they are great and they do look just fine.

The plumber came on Friday to fit the toilet, and there was much rejoicing.

On Tuesday night just gone, we installed most of the accessories - towel rails, toilet-roll holder, etc. The main light and exhaust fan are yet to go into the ceiling, and we didn't get to the shower shelf. We're still tossing up about soap dishes - R doesn't particularly like them, but he's the one who likes his soap in a bar. The cornices need a little more paint, and we have no architraves or door yet. Oh, and I keep forgetting about the blind.

It's a bit like planning a wedding, I think, you get all the main things organised, then it's just the little things at the end that trip you up and slow down the process.

The toilet-roll holder is a bit of a novelty - the old one was broken when I moved in over 4 years ago, and we never got around to fixing it, so this really is new!

We propped up the old mirror temporarily, until we sort out the new one. We were expecting a guy to come and give us a quote for the mirror and the shower screen two weeks ago, and then he didn't show up. Then he organised to come last Friday, and didn't show up then either, and we've not heard from him again. (Read: if you need bathroom glass, don't ring Martin from Diamond Glass.) We've since gotten a few more quotes, and will make a decision over the weekend.

I thought the robe hooks behind the door were a nice touch. I'm not sure they're really necessary, but having extra hanging space in the bathroom is useful.

Almost done!

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