Sunday, February 19, 2012

Obligatory welcome / opening post

All blogs start somewhere, so here it is. A place to record happenings, brag about recent achievements, group inspirations and espouse some form of wisdom. Or at least opinion wrapped in eloquent sounding words and marketed as wisdom. You know the drill. Same old.

At this moment in time life involves: one fantastic husband; one soon-to-be-very-renovated two-bedroom townhouse; a small but relatively busy dressmaking business (with a small studio in said townhouse); a part-time gig as PA for a man involved in much more than his own orthodontic practice (read: 8 hours a week of multi-tasking stress); a three-subjects-to-go-then-I'm-done Bachelor of Business majoring in Finance and Accounting (much of which I will not use in the near future); not nearly enough exercise; faith in a God much bigger than me; and a frequently recurring desire to relocate to a completely different city and start over. Oh, and friends. I'm sure I have those... Cannot wait to clear a few more things from my calendar and get back to investing in the people who mean something to me.

Today's Wisdom: Life is hard enough. Don't make it worse by cluttering it with stuff you don't even like.

Today's Inspiration: Puff-skirt / French petticoat inspired lighting at Bistro Guillaume:
Ciao! xo

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