Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bathroom Reno: Preparation

We've been collecting and ordering various items, like said tub. Does anyone want a pallet?

We found the perfect vanity - and then discovered the price was twice as much as we wanted to pay, so we decided on the almost-perfect option B.

The tiles will be delivered on Thursday. The toilet, tap-ware and bathroom accessories will come Friday morning.

The bashing and crashing last night produced some good results! The aim was to remove the tiles from the eastern wall, under the window.

He did smile, I just wasn't quick enough to catch it. "No I can't stop and wait for a photo, there's work to be done!"

We were considering leaving some of the walls up, but it turns out they're actually fibro board, not plaster like we thought. (And yes, they're definitely fibro, not asbestos.)

So, rather than spend hours chipping the tiles off, we'll just take the rest of the wall down when we take everything else out.

The big Removal is planned for Friday night. Hopefully it goes well!


  1. It'll be compresed fibre board because that's what gets used in wet areas cause its not gonna soak up moisture like normal gyprock/plaster will. Might still be worth getting the tiles off cause what goes back on will be the same fibro board.

    - Jeremy

    1. We'll actually be putting special bathroom plaster-board back on, it's cheaper and pre-water-proofed. Even if we were doing fibro we'd be putting new sheets up anyway, not re-using those ones. It all has to come off so we can get to the pipes behind and it doesn't come off neatly, nor do the tiles. :)