Monday, February 27, 2012

Bathroom Reno: Before Photos

We're renovating. Doing the bathroom. I know, way to start with the easy one first. We're rearranging the room, so it all needs to be stripped right back, even the plaster has to come off.

The plumber and builder will be here on the weekend to set everything up, including our bath tub. Insert happy dreamy face here. We will have a bathtub. Well technically we already do, it's in the dining room, patiently waiting. In the mean time, there's a bit of hard work to be done before then.

R's starting to pull off the old tiles as I type. There are odd sounds coming from the other side of that wall.... 

Here's the bathroom before we touched it.

Beige, cream and pink. Hello 1995!

Old and tired.

Oohh, vertical blinds, how I dislike you so!

The floor space feels big enough, and yet somehow unusable.

Stay tuned for the progress pictures!

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