Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fun: New [To Me] Machines

This week's Friday Fun wasn't spent sitting behind a sewing machine, rather looking at one to buy. Well, two, actually.

Industrial sewing machines are built much tougher than domestic sewing machines. They need to be - they're expected to do a lot more sewing and last for a lot longer. They're also a lot faster. 

Good quality industrial machines are quite expensive brand new, so I've been on the look-out for a second hand one. There are plenty around, but they're usually not for sale for very long. Also, there are a lot more in circulation in Melbourne than Brisbane, where I am.

I found a good looking Mitsubishi straight sewer on Ebay earlier this week, and stayed up late on Wednesday night bidding until the final seconds, only to be outdone. Frustrated, I searched other classified ad websites and found this Mitsubishi at a better price and closer to where I live.

The listing had the straight sewer for a good price, as well as an industrial overlocker, also for a good price, or buy the two together for a discount. I wasn't going to look for an industrial overlocker yet, but it was too good a deal to go past. Again, the industrial version is much sturdier and quicker than the domestic variety.

They're also very heavy and come attached to the table, so transporting them required borrowing a ute and another set of muscles. Now, they're in their temporary home (my living/dining room) where they'll stay until I'm ready to move into a shop.

Stay tuned to the Facebook page to see the cool things I'll make with them.

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