Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kitchen Reno: Coming together

At lunch time on the Friday, all the cabinetry that could be done was done.

There was an issue with the cabinet that's to go above the fridge (in that gap next to the pantry), so that needed to be fixed up. The only other issue with the cabinetry was the rangehood - we got the wrong one and will need to take it back and swap it over.

The pantry turned out bigger than I realised it was going to. I think it'll look pretty empty when I load everything into it!

Apart from being rushed in the preparation, the kitchen installation went pretty smoothly.

My brother [and his wife] stayed for the Easter weekend and helped us out by fitting off the electrical work. He installed a new ceiling light in the centre of the room, and downlights in the bulkhead.

The shelves above the fridge were fitted, and the door was replaced.

I bought some fabric-covered boxes from Ikea to fill the shelf. They're almost the perfect size, have a big clear label and a metal handle for easy access. We'll store medicine, first-aid and other bits and pieces in them

R cut and stuck the cornice around the microwave cabinet and pantry, but the glue wasn't holding to the laminate. We used tiny nails to nail the cornice to the ceiling plaster and that worked very well.

R tiled the splashback, including cutting some tricky holes around the power points. Again, the tiles look plain black, but they are marble.

R also tiled the floor which was more difficult as there were many tiles around the edges that needed to be cut, including 8 tiles that required tricky cuts to fit around the cabinetry and door frame.

All that's left is to finish painting and hang a blind. I really like the natural light through the undressed window, but coming into winter it's noticeable how much heat disappears through the glass.

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